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Red Angus Heifers

385 Red Angus Heifers sell on November 20, 2017 with the Superior Select Female Online Auction

November 20, 2017 • Superior Select Female Online Auction

385 Red Angus Heifers to Auction on November 30 at Superior Select Female Online Auction! 8 Lots will sale at approximately 3 pm CST.

“Heifers from one of the larger commercial red angus herds focusing on the best genetic our top seed stock producers have to offer.  Heifers are ultrasounded and sorted for tight calving periods and have used some of the best red angus calving ease bulls in the industry.  We hope you enjoy this special offering from the folks at Wagonhound.”

Wagonhound Land & Livestock Awarded the Red Angus Commercial Producer of the Year in 2015 for use of Red Angus Genetics & promotion of Red Angus marketing program.

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