Wagonhound Farming

FarmingWagonhound Land & Livestock’s 7,500 acre farm is primarily alfalfa production with rotating crops including corn silage, barley hay, barley grain and oats. The farm has 34 computerized, controlled center pivot irrigation systems covering approximately 5,000 acres and produces certified weed free alfalfa, raising the finest dairy, cattle and horse hay on the market. Our Irrigation systems and sufficient water availability allows for three cuttings annually. The arid climate with cool evenings, warm days, and high altitude (4800 ft.) maximizes the quality of the alfalfa.

Alfalfa Wagonhound’s farming division offers alfalfa hay for sale year round. Located in the North Platte River Valley of Southeast Wyoming; approximately 3 miles Northwest of Douglas, Wyoming. We offer easy access from Interstate 25 onto Highway 93. The farm is designed with the customer in mind to accommodate large hay trucks for easy shipping. Wagonhound produces 20,000 tons of alfalfa hay each year with over 5,000 tons of their premium hay maintained under modern hay storage facilities.

For more information, please contact:
Greg Richendifer
307-351-6990 (cell)

Alfalfa balerA new addition to the Wagonhound Farming Division equipment in 2014 was a Krone BiG Baling with the Big Pack. This piece of equipment packs up to 9 small bales into one large bale.
Baling our premium alfalfa in this manner allows for efficient field clearance, transport and stacking with ability to break down the large bale to easily handle small bales for tight spaces.

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