Wagonhound Land and Livestock’s roots go back to the 1800s when the cattle drives came up from Texas and the Pioneers traveled through on the Oregon Trail. Many wagons, as they crossed the creeks, broke their “hounds” which is the under part of the wagon that connects the tongue and axle to the reach allowing the wagon to turn. A tough to cross creek became known as Wagonhound Creek due to all the broken hounds, and this part of the ranch became Wagonhound Land and Livestock, a name that now applies to the entire ranch. The ranch’s brand, “quarter circle, bar, quarter circle”, is a territorial brand that loosely resembles the wagon’s “hound”.

Located along Wyoming’s Laramie Range, the east edge of the Rocky Mountains, the ranch consists of over 200,000 acres with an elevation varying from 5,000 to 9,000 ft. The cattle consist of high quality commercial Red Angus raised from the industry’s most popular bloodlines and includes a substantial herd of “All Natural Beef”. Wagonhound’s well respected registered Quarter Horse Remuda comes from championship stock including our own NCHA Futurity, Derby, Classic, and Finals Champion, Little Tenina, and NCHA World Show Champion, WR This Cats Smart. The farming operation produces and sells some of the country’s highest quality alfalfa hay with 27 center pivots providing precise on-demand rain. Diverse wildlife populations, anchored by trophy elk, provide a unique hunting experience for Wagonhound’s outfitting clients.