Dennis Thornburg

10-25-2011 Just wanted to thank you for a great hunt! I’ve enclosed a copy of my report to Eric at Cabela’s and a couple of pictures. Jamie and Ted were the best!
The hunt exceeded all my expectations. Great guide, great cook, great accommodations and as icing on the cake, a trophy bull!!

Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures –
I want to personally thank you for directing Vernon and I to this elk hunt. It was everything you said it would be plus more!
The number of elk on this ranch is just unbelievable. One night we had bulls just outside our tent all night!

I killed this 7 x 7 just before sundown on the first day. He was an old bull all of his front teeth were missing, had incredible mass and 20 + inch 4’s and split 4’s
and a split 4 on one side.

This was truly a hunt of a lift time for an old fart like me!
Thanks again,

I found a certified SCI scorer in Evansville, Indiana and took the antlers over for him to measure. His name is John Gisler and the official score sheet is enclosed. He didn’t score quite as high as we guessed but he had a massive and unique offset of antlers. He’ll make an impressive mount!

I sent pictures that I hope you received. Let me know if you didn’t get them. I’m sending a front and side just in case you didn’t get the digitals.

Again I want to thank you, Jaime and Ted for a great hunting experience. It exceeded all my expectations.

Vern and I are applying again, and who knows maybe we’ll get lucky and be doing it again!

Hope all is well with you,