Future Prospects

For more information contact Dustin Ewing – by phone 307-351-0315 or email dewing@wagonhound.com
breeder_logo RH = Ranching Heritage Eligible

2017 Colts

Pending1/7/2017sorrelSmart Chic OlenaShiney Nu Annie
Pending2/15/2017bayPlayin StylishShiney Nu Annie


2016 Yearling Colts

(All RH Eligible)

Annies Smart Cat4/17/2016sorrelWR This Cats SmartShiney Nu Annie
Dual Anyware5/6/2016bayDual Rey Anyware
Genuine Cash Man3/19/2016bayGenuine Masterpiece Chics With Cash
Genuine Smokes Smart4/29/2016brownGenuine MasterpieceShe Smokes Smart
Genuine Whit2/8/2016palominoGenuine MasterpieceWhittle Tenina
Graceful Smart Cat4/29/2016sorrelWR This Cats SmartGracie Lights
Masterful Dual2/27/2016sorrelDual Rey Masterful Cat
One Smart Nurse5/12/2016red roanOne Time Pepto Nurse Kitty Kat
Party One Time5/6/2016bay roanOne Time Pepto Partyware
PENDING5/1/2016sorrelDual Rey Miss Shiner Dear
PENDING5/17/2016sorrelDual Rey Metallic Tenina
Playtime Pepto5/24/2016sorrelOne Time Pepto Playguns Melody
Rockin Highbrow5/16/2016sorrelRockin WHighbrow Masterpiece
Sinful Reys5/6/2016sorrelDual Rey Smartly Sinful
Smart Madonna Cat4/19/2016sorrelWR This Cats SmartPepto Madonna
Stressin Onetime4/23/2016sorrelStressolenaShes Onetimes Ticket
Teninas One Time3/17/2016roanOne Time Pepto Teninas Smart Look
This Autumn Cat2/10/2016sorrelWR This Cats SmartAutumn Amanda
Time Marker4/15/2016roanOne Time Pepto Shiney Miss Marker


2016 Yearling Fillies

(All RH Eligible)

Annies One Time1/21/2016red roanOne Time Pepto Shiney Nu Annie
Babes Smart Cat4/15/2016bayWR This Cats SmartJust U Babe
Cruzin Smart Cat5/23/2016sorrelWR This Cats SmartPoonelope Cruz
Maries Smart Cat4/19/2016sorrelWR This Cats SmartSmart Marie
Opus Smart Cat2/4/2016sorrelWR This Cats SmartOpus Chic
Peppy Smart Time5/12/2016red roanOne Time Pepto Peppy Smart Cat
Rockin Shiney Miss4/12/2016palominoRockin WShiney Miss Hickory
Rockin Tassa Doc4/23/2016sorrelRockin W Tassa Doc
Savannahs Dual Rey4/2/2016sorrelDual Rey Savannaboonsmal
Shining My Lights4/6/2016sorrelCD Lights Shining Madonna
Smart Girl Olena5/7/2016sorrelStressolenaSmart Lookin Girl
Smart That One Time5/5/2016red roanOne Time Pepto Amandas Look N Smart
Stressful Approach5/23/2016sorrelStressolena Model Approach
Stressin For Kukis1/25/2016sorrelStressolenaKuki
Tassa Smart Chic4/23/2016sorrelSmart Chic Olena Tassas Sugar Cat
Teninas Stressin5/31/2016sorrelStressolena Teninas Ten