Future Prospects

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breeder_logo RH = Ranching Heritage Eligible

2017 Colts

(All RH Eligible)

NameDOBColorSireDamDam's Sire
Olenas Nu Shine2/7/2017Sorrel Smart Chic OlenaShiney Nu AnnieShining Spark
Peppy Stressolena5/5/2017S/GrayStressolenaPeppy GunnerPlaygun
Precious Lil Stress5/18/2017BayStressolenaPrecious MeradaCats Merada
Smart Olena Boon5/15/2017Sorrel Smart Chic OlenaSavannahboonsmalPeptoboonsmal
Autumns Smart Cat5/19/2017Sorrel WR This Cats SmartAutumn AmandaAutumn Acre
Blu Boon Marker5/22/2017BayOnce In A Blu Boon Shiney Miss MarkerShining Spark
Smokem If Ya Got Em5/26/2017Black WR This Cats SmartShe Smokes SmartSenors Lil Brudder
Graced In Blu6/1/2017Red RoanOnce In A Blu BoonGracielightsCD Lights
Whittle Bit Blu6/4/2017Red RoanOnce In A Blu Boon Whittle TeninaSmart Whittle Play

2018 Colts

(All RH Eligible)

Name DOBColorSireDamDam's Sire
Name Pending1/10/18Red RoanOne Time PeptoShiney Nu AnnieShining Spark
Name Pending4/24/18sorrelCD DiamondKukiCats Merada
Name Pending4/30/18Red RoanOnce In A Blu BoonShiney Miss HickoryShining Spark
Name Pending5/4/18BayOne Time PeptoPlayguns MelodyPlaygun
Name Pending5/4/18PalominoOnce In A Blu BoonMiss Shiner DearShining Spark
Name Pending5/12/18PalominoCD DiamondAmandas Look N SmartWR This Cats Smart
Name Pending5/15/18sorrelWR This Cats SmartShiney Miss MarkerShining Spark
Name Pending5/16/18Blue RoanWR This Cats SmartSecrets Blu AngelOne Time Pepto
Name Pending5/23/18sorrelWR This Cats SmartSavannahboonsmalPeptoboonsmal
Name Pending5/29/18sorrelHickory Holly TimeMetallic TeninaMetallic Cat
Name Pending6/4/18bayOnce In A Blu BoonPlayguns MelodyPlaygun

2017 Fillies

(All RH Eligible)

NameDOBColorSireDamDam's Sire
Annies Time To Shine3/13/2017SorrelOne Time Pepto Shiney Nu AnnieShining Spark
One Time Melody5/6/2017Red RoanOne Time PeptoReys Stressin MelodyReys Dual Badger
Nurses Look Smart5/28/2017SorrelWR This Cats SmartNursewareDual Rey

2018 Fillies

(All RH Eligible)

NameDOBColorGenderSireDamDam's Sire
Name Pending2/14/18sorrelFillyWR This Cats SmartShiney Nu AnnieShining Spark
Name Pending3/20/18palominoFillyCD DiamondMasterful CatWR This Cats Smart
Name Pending3/23/18palominoFillyOne Time PeptoMiss Shiner DearShining Spark
Name Pending3/25/18sorrelFillyWR This Cats SmartPepto MadonnaPeptoboonsmal
Name Pending3/26/18bayFillyCD DiamondChics With CashChic Please
Name Pending3/29/18sorrelFillyWR This Cats SmartChics Pretty TariSmart Chic Olena
Name Pending4/1/18sorrelFillyWR This Cats SmartShiners Diamond LadyShining Spark
Name Pending4/12/18red roanFillyWR This Cats SmartTwisted One TimeOne Time Pepto
Name Pending4/14/18sorrelFillyHickory Holly TimeTeninas Smart LookWR This Cats Smart
Name Pending4/14/18palominoFillyCD DiamondTassas Sugar CatWR This Cats Smart
Name Pending5/14/18sorrelFillyHickory Holly TimeShining MadonnaShining Spark
Name Pending5/13/18buckskinFillyCD DiamondPartywareHigh Brow Cat
Name Pending5/12/18red roanFillyOnce In A Blu BoonShiney Nu AnnieShining Spark
Name Pending5/25/18red roanFillyWR This Cats SmartSecrets Blu AngelOne Time Pepto
Name Pending5/29/18bayFillyOnce In A Blu BoonPlayguns MelodyPlaygun
Name Pending5/25/18sorrelFillyWR This Cats SmartGracielightsCD Lights
Name Pending5/31/18blackFillyOnce In A Blu BoonReys Stressin MelodyReys Dual Badger
Name Pending6/9/18red roanFillyOnce In A Blu BoonMiss Shiner DearShining Spark